Jerry Bramlett
Mobile, Alabama

Specializing in Repair / Restoration / Calibration of
1957-1965 Rochester Fuel Injection Systems

You can actually have it all -- a Rochester FI system that looks like new and runs properly too. Every unit is calibrated and test driven HARD before it leaves my shop. Your unit's performance matters just as much to me as its appearance.

I'm confident I can make a stock injected engine run better than it did when new. However, I'm just as certain I CAN'T do that if you won't follow ALL of my advice. My advice includes using only undiluted racing gas in Rochester-injected Corvettes. In other words, please don't call me if you won't follow my advice. Rochester mechanical fuel injection isn't for everyone... and neither is doing business with me.

This website was created by my late daughter, Elizabeth. It's intended to reduce the time I spend on the phone answering questions every week. So, at a minimum, please read the "Q&A" section before attempting to contact me. Beth lost her life in December, 2015 to gastric cancer, but I believe she's still watching me and rolling her eyes at my lack of patience and weak Internet skills. She knew my many faults and loved me anyway. My wife and I are so very proud of her.