Q: I think you're full of crap about ethanol in gasoline being a bad thing. My '57 fuelie runs okay on modern pump gas. I don't need no stinkin' racing gas.
A: Eaaaaaaasy there, big fella! Please read my advice again. I didn't say your fuelie wouldn't run at all with ethanol in its gasoline. In fact, I never mentioned the word "ethanol". I said a Rochester injected Corvette wouldn't run ITS BEST on modern pump gas. I recommend using undiluted racing gas because of its high boil-off curve. You don't need the higher octane of racing gas with a stock compression ratio, but you do need gasoline stability when it's hot. Live long and prosper. And please don't call me for FI help in the future.

Q: How much will it cost to repair my unit?
A: I can't accurately estimate a total cost until I inspect your system and we agree on a work plan. However, I know most of my full system restorations end up costing the customer between $4,500 and $6,500. The current average cost for a three-day FI repair/calibration with no cosmetic improvements is about $3,000.

Q: How long will it take you to repair my FI system?
A: A full system restoration usually requires 6 to 8 weeks. A simple repair and calibration only takes about 2 weeks. These turn-around times are based on when I start working on your unit. Often there is a backlog of work scheduled, so it's best to reserve a start date in advance. If you are a new customer, a small deposit will be required to reserve time in my schedule. This deposit is then applied to the final cost or it's refunded to you in full if I don't do the work.

Q: I want to sell my injected Corvette and it doesn't run right. Will you do just enough FI repairs so that I can sell my car?
A: No. I'm not interested in doing less-than-thorough repairs for anyone.

Q: Will you sell me new reproduction FI parts so I can make my own repairs?
A: No. I'm not in the business of selling new reproduction parts to Do-It-Ur-Selfers. I suggest you contact John DeGregory in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, or Gary Hodges in Salem, Oregon, for the new parts you need. Both are extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly honest. John's phone number is (724) 832-3786. Gary's phone number is (503) 588-3883.

Q: I'd like to buy a Corvette FI system and restore it myself. Will you sell me an FI unit and distributor that need repair?
A: Yes. I almost always have some Rochester units that are unrestored and available for purchase as-is. I will carefully describe the parts that are there. I will also guarantee the condition of the parts. However, I will not hold your hand and instruct you through the restoration and calibration process.

Q: How much is my FI unit worth?
A: I could give you a range of resale values after inspecting it personally, but you might not want to hear my opinion if your unit isn't complete or stock. Units that are missing expensive parts, are chromed / polished / blasted, or have mismatched major castings, are hard to sell.

Q: Will a Rochester FI system work right on the street with a racing cam grind?
A: Probably not. These units need at least 12 to 13 inches of plenum vacuum at an 800 rpm engine speed in order to perform properly off-idle. Most racing cams produce much less than 10 inches of vacuum below 1,000 rpm.

Q: Should I be using a gasoline additive because of the fuel injection?
A: No. If you need gas with a higher boiling temperature to avoid spider percolation, run pure (undiluted) 108 or 111 octane racing gas. You can't get Aviation gasoline with a high enough boiling temperature to be worth the trouble and expense. You do not need any tetraethyl lead in your gas to "lubricate" anything in the FI unit.

Q: Will you teach me how to calibrate my own FI system?
A: Sure, but I can't do it over the phone or though e-mails. However, if you will schedule a two day stay in Mobile with your car, I will teach you how to inspect your unit for problems and then calibrate it. You will be charged a fixed amount, $1,000, for my time. You can use all my tools and instruments for free. I will sell you any parts needed at the prices I pay without mark-up. Local room and board will be at your expense.

Q: Why in the Hell are you located in Mobile, Alabama? That is just so inconvenient for me!
A: We all have to live somewhere. This is where I ended up after living in Louisiana, Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, with brief stays in Oklahoma and England. And I also happen to like living in Mobile. If you can't bear to do business with me because of my location, I'll be glad to recommend an honest FI rebuilder who lives closer to you.

Q: I'm considering buying an FI unit now on eBay. Will you look at the auction description and tell me what it's worth?
A: I will not. It would be a big waste of my time and yours. Almost 100% of the FI auction descriptions inadequately describe the unit for sale. Your best approach would be asking the seller for a specific missing / damaged parts list or a unit performance guarantee. If the seller will give you either one, you should buy his unit and kiss him on the lips for being so professional. However, guarantees of any kind on eBay are rare. It is much more likely that the seller will plead complete ignorance about his unit's condition and repeat his "sold as-is" BS. In such a case, I can't possibly tell what is meant by "is".

Q: In your website "Services" section, the guarantee paragraph says that I have to follow all of the advice on your website. I don't want to do that. I want to install some Mr. Gasket distributor advance springs and a Crane Double Voodoo camshaft. How will that affect your restoration guarantee?
A: It will kill my guarantee deader than a mackerel. After you've installed those parts, you will have to send your fuel injection to Mr. Gasket or Mr. Crane for repairs under their warranties. I won't touch your unit under any circumstances in the future.

Q: Will you ship outside the U.S.?
A: Maybe... if you fill out all the paperwork, pay the full cost, and arrange for a carrier to pick it up. However, I won't lie for you. If you can't afford to pay all the tax / duty / demurrage / brokerage fees and whatever bribes are necessary to get an FI unit into your country legally, don't even ask me to help you cheat.

Q: Can I text you or send photos to your cell phone?
A: No. I don't carry a cell phone unless I'm traveling. Even then, I don't want to receive any text messages or photos on it. You're welcome to speak English to me on my real phone at (251) 478-4003, however.

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