Frequently a customer will ask if I can just repair his unit to run correctly without performing a complete rebuild. The only safe answer is "sometimes". It obviously depends on the condition of the particular fuel injection system.

If an FI system has been rebuilt recently by a competent professional repairman, then I can usually make it run properly with only one day of repair / tuning work. It's quite possible that it can be repaired while remaining installed on the owner's car. However, if you've just bought an "Auction Special" that has been rebuilt by a Do-It-Ur-Selfer, then the odds are great that it will need a thorough disassembly and inspection in order to find all the problems. And it's not just auction units that need major repairs. The last time a complete, properly running FI unit was bought at a parking lot swap meet or through a magazine ad was…uh…NEVER. Remember: if it's truly a complete, properly running fuel injection system, then it would probably still be installed on a Corvette somewhere.

You can call me for free advice if your FI system isn't performing up to your expectations. I'll do my best to diagnose your running problems over the phone. There's no charge from me if you call between 8 am and 9 pm Central Time. Perhaps you can fix the problem yourself. But if you can't, then I'll make an appointment to repair your unit in the near future. I prefer that you bring your entire car to my shop. My labor rate is $100 an hour for while-you-wait repairs. When that isn't practical, you can ship your FI unit and distributor to me. I'll send them back to you after repair, calibration, and thorough road testing.


Most of my customers want their fuel injection systems to look, as well as run, like new. I don't blame them one bit. The early Rochester FI systems were gorgeous when they were new, and it's certainly possible to achieve that look again.

A full system restoration takes about 6 weeks. The unit and distributor are completely disassembled first. I check for damaged, worn, and incorrect parts while preparing a detailed list of the parts and outside services needed. Outside services are metal plating, crack repair, casting refinishing, machine shop work, and special repairs (such as EDM removal of broken bolts). I then send you a restoration work plan for your system with a cost breakdown. After you approve the plan and cost, I begin the restoration. If for any reason you don't want me to proceed, I will reassemble your system and send it back to you. You will only owe me the actual cost of shipping in that case. I do not charge for my time spent giving restoration cost estimates.

I charge a fixed price of $3,500 for my labor to perform a Full Restoration of an FI unit with its distributor. The parts and outside services required are billed to you at the prices I pay. You do not pay for anything until your system has passed its initial road tests. You will receive weekly progress reports by e-mail with photos during the work. I don't keep any of your old parts; they are all returned to you with your system.

I guarantee that all of the FI systems I fully restore will perform properly for 12 months after your start-up. This means I will replace any new part I've installed that fails during this period at no cost to you. I will also provide free labor to replace any used parts that fail. However, you will be charged for any replacement used part I install after the first 90 days. If your unit must be shipped back to me for repair, I will pay for the return shipping. I ask only that you follow all the advice on my website. If you choose to follow the advice of someone else during the first 12 months of operation, then you are choosing to void my guarantee.


If you have recently had your unit fully restored by another professional rebuilder that I trust, then it is possible that your system only needs calibration. I prefer to do this on your car. However, I can test and calibrate a system by mail-order if you will send me all of the components you intend to use, such as the distributor, forward balance tube, drive cable assembly, and fuel filter. If you intend to use a custom air cleaner, I will need to have that on hand as well. Air cleaner element flow restriction is a significant factor when calibrating a unit.

I charge from $500 to $1,000 for my labor to calibrate an FI system. The cost of my labor varies because I often have to diagnose and repair several FI system problems before a unit can be calibrated. If any parts are needed, they are billed to you at the prices I pay without mark-up.

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